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Baby Lock Baltic States

Welcome to our webpage!

 For all our customers who love and enjoy sewing we are excited to offer brand new, extraordinary sewing machines, that have come straight from Japan. Can you imagine overlocking with no tension and easy threading? Experience the revolution with Baby Lock- the world’s most advanced overlockers.

Today’s fashion sets high requirements to the creators of various tissues. A multiplicity of materials, textures and their combinations are changing every year. It is a challenge to work with such problematic fabrics. The best engineers and JUKI Corporation have developed a new technique – Baby Lock. The patented system raised the degree of quality for tissue processing on the level that dictates modern fashion.

The history of the first overlock for individual usage started in 1964. Engineers and managers of Japanese company called JUKI struck out how to make industrial sewing machine lighter and compacter. Every year engineers of the concern have been developing new details for machines, therefore overlockers have become more and more attractive to consumers.

What are the biggest problems sewing machine owners face? You will hear one answer – threading and adjusting their tension. Many years after the invention of the machine, corporation made a revolution in the world of overlock. Model Baby Lock Imagine has become the first sewing machine with an automatic tensioning system and yarns filling (ATD and JAT).

If you want to create a glamorous lingerie, a soft clothing, a comfortable sportswear or an elegant dress – for each of these items the company has different overlocker. With the help of the Baby Lock machines it is easy to implement the most sophisticated and complex projects you can imagine for the well-known designers, models or even tailors at home.

The principle of the company: “Easy to use – the main feature of the machine Baby Lock”.

We can guarantee 100% that after the first use you will fall in love with our “Baby Lock”!

Likewise, we provide 5-year warranty.